I really couldn’t understand how to get this set up – included with this was one poorly printed a4 sheath of paper with so called ‘instructions’ on how to assemble this. The instructions just looked like a copy of a copy with pigeon english.

Here’s my review from Amazon UK:

“Perhaps if you’ve erected a TelePrompTer before you my have chance at making this one as the instructions are completely useless but amazing to see in the 21st century – a simple a4 piece of paper with hard to see images and basic written instructions.
I ended up using the photo on Amazon to refer to but that’s when I gave up.
If you have lots of time you could probably get this going but I think I’ll try the data video tp500 out which is more expensive but I’d imagine their instructions are more professional than this crap,”

I actually never tried the Data Video Autocue – instead, settled on a iPad 2 dangled just above the lens – this suits my set up, i’m not making Hollywood blockbusters over here. This is suited for close up shots because the eyeline would be way off – you need to be a good 2.5-3meters away for the eyelines to balance out and to not be noticeable.

The presenter in the featured image is Steph – you can view this video excerpt here https://youtu.be/W_Vy1SWBHm4

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