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As the saying goes ‘everyone has to start somewhere’ and this camera is a great entry into broadcast quality video production. If you are looking to film an event like a wedding, live band or perhaps a nativity play, this camera will give you great results – although in standard definition.

The PD150 is a solid camera that gives a ‘built like a tank’ impression and I had the pleasure of using it for a good 2 years filming at many events, mainly doing nightclub video production. It was my very first video camera that I owned and I have fond memories, primarily because I learnt my ‘stock and trade’ from this camera. It has every manual control imaginable – except interchangeable lenses.

Filmed with Sony DSR-PD150

The PD150 is highly recommended for event videography or ‘run and gun’ which essentially means, you can just wip-out the camera, switch on and shoot – due to its’ smaller image chip size (3xCCDs), it works very well in ‘full-auto’ so great for newbies not bothered about super-large full-frame near-cinema loveliness like the modern-day full-hd to 4K cameras costings £10,000s+

I write this around 2 years after doing the Unbox Fresh demo video above (originally for selling it on ebay). So my camera set up is as follows:

2009-2011 – Sony DSR-PD150
2011-2012 – Sony HVR-Z1e – Sony’s first HDV camcorder (squeezing HD onto a mini-dv tape)
2012-present – Sony PMW EX3 – Sony’s semi-shoulder mount XDCAM Camcorder with shallower depth of field, better in low-light, more colour info, timelapse and slow shutter – fancy arty-farty features and loads more – certainly the shoulder mount helps with stable shots.
2010 – present – Canon 7D – used for some nightclub video production and bloggy charity stuff.

Filmed with Sony Z1e

Filmed with Sony EX3

Filmed with Canon 7D


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Price Disclaimer

1/3″ CCD Chips
12x Optical Zoom
Optical Super Steady Shot
2 CH XLR Audio Inputs – Can use a Rode NTG 2
Time code preset
takes Memory Stick

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