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I used to think you didn’t really need a mouse pad what with mice using a ‘laser’ to create a more accurate pointing device than the ye olde giant ball mouses from yesteryear. I was wrong…

What a difference a mouse pad makes! This has a very nice smooth surface to glide your mouse on. I use this with a cheap wired Logitech mouse and more recently, a Microsoft Mouse 3600. I have been using it for approx 13 months now and so far so good, the fabric has held together nicely, no tears or folds or anything peeling off unlike some mouse pads you might see in a workspace, though it is just me using it so who knows what it would be like at a place of work, getting rinsed 9-5 5 days a week.

My only real negative is it picks up white marks from, for example, finger nails or plates moving on top of it. I feel this is unavoidable to keep it 100% clear and doesn’t really impact on performance.

I also have a AmazonBasics USB 3.0 extension cable for my 3TB External USB drive – check it out:

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