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Fed up with two WD Black 7200rpm spinners whizzing and whirring in a RAID config inside your elderly MacPro? Want more oompf? Well, ya got it with a RAIDed up 2x SSDs in a PCIE Card known as the Sonnet Tempo SSD Pro Plus.

This badboy gives the speed of 2 standard 2.5” SSDs in a RAID format for extra read and write speeds – I have seen about 800-900MB/s read / write with these.

I use x2 SSDs below:

I also have another Sonnet product installed, their ‘pro’ USB 3 PCIE Card. When waking from sleep, a bug in macOS leads to a ‘This disc was not ejected properly’ notification. I’ve had the same message twice in the 4 months i’ve had this card. So basically macOS does not see the card when it awakens from sleep. The solution? Restart the machine. Apart from that, everything has been a-ok. I highly recommend this card along with the two Crucial SSDs. I use this 2TB SSD RAID in partnership with a 4TB Spinner RAID – A sort of staging area (spinner) and take off area (SSD).

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