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In this video I unbox the LG Ultra Wide 34UM95C – 6 months later (August 2016) I also do a video review of it having used it for 6 months!

I also compare it with the new 2016 Ultra Wide Monitor – the LG 34UM88C.

Note, the 34UM95C and 34UM88C come in two different models – with and without thunderbolt.

If your not bothered about HDMi 2.0 (60Hz) and don’t mind putting the monitor on a book or two to make it taller, i’d look for a 34um95c which may be cheaper than the newer model but be warned, as of writing, the Amazon Warehouse deal is around £200 more than than the 2016 model the 34UM88 – it looks like your just missing out on a shiny alluminum backing and perhaps they’ve improved the notorious lightbleed issue with the 34um95c.


Ultra wide – more screen real-estate – less switching between programs – more having programs side by side. This monitor is the equivalent of two 21” monitors side by side or one 27” monitor with two extra bits side by side!

Retina like smoothness. It’s a bit like viewing a iphone retina screen – smoothness in text. It’s not officially 4k but its certainly not far off.

Sexy – looks amazing


Dodgy build quality – it wobbles a bit

Stand by light – this flashes all the time, unless you switch the main on / off switch on the back.

Doesnt come on straight away after sleep (using a MacPro 2010 with AMD R9 380 Card) – have to wait for the screen to turn on, off THEN press the joystick. It’s quicker to flick the on / off switch on the back.

Glitches – occasionally the right side has noticeable glitches, always fine after turning the monitor on / off.

Lightbleed – a common issue with this monitor – if your using it in pitch black and / or you’re using it to watch movies, you might be disappointed I’ve head its hit and miss on whether you get one with small light bleed so buy from amazon just incase.

Joystick – personally find this a PITA and it’s a bit of a chore to change brightness up / down.


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Official blurb on monitor:

“UltraWide format provides additional real estate for you to multitask or watch multiple inputs at once.
Ultra QHD (3440×1440) resolution provides the additional resolution you have been looking for.
Dual-link fuctionality allows you to view two separate inputs at the same time.
HDMI, Display Port, USB 3.0, and Thunderbolt 2 inputs allow you to connect to all your devices.
The gorgeous Cinema Screen design with integrated 7W speakers look stunning on or off.