I unbox a 3TB Canvio Basics Harddrive that I bought to replace a 4TB WD Passport drive which I found a bit slow n shit! I use this for my NVIDIA Shield TV 16gb 2017 Streamer. About 1-2 times a month I have to restart the Shield because it shows ‘0b’. The WD 4tb drive seem to have this issue more but having said that, I have formatted the 3TB Tosh drive as Mac Journaled whereas the WD 4TB Drive was formatted as exFAT, a more Windows-ey type format.

Overall a very good drive, no complaints in the 1 month i’ve had it. I also bought a Amazon Basics 2m USB extension cable which is good because you can have the drive hidden away, reducing noise which is barely noticeable.

This extension cable is really handy – especially if you want complete silence if you are using the drive in a bedroom:

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I use this drive with a 2017 Nvidia Shield TV, click the image below to check it out on the ol’ Amazon: