Quite a compact nice little extension lead with the bonus of having two usb type a sockets on there saving you having to plug in a separate charger.

Be warned though, the 2 usb sockets share 1 Amp which means if you plug two iPhones in for example, they will take an age to charge and with some ‘this accessory is not supported’ messages on the phone.

I’ve found it quick enough charging an iPad Mini 2, iPhone 5 and now my Samsung S7 via the wireless charger. It’s not a fast charge but certainly it takes no longer than 2-3 hours to fully charge something.

Overall, i’d recommend this and would buy another. This review was written about two years after buying the product with no issues, despite now being covered in dust!

Oh one negative – plugging power adapters in for things like external harddrives means it looks weird – i’ve put it on a cardboard box which raises it above the ground avoiding your power adapters plugged in from having their connections squashed a bit. Not a massive deal though if you plug normal size plugs in.

Watch the unboxing video of the larger tower masterplug:

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Two USB charger outputs are ideal for recharging
All of the 13 amp sockets have safety shutters and
Power and surge LED indicators show surge protection
Ideal for use in the lounge, home office or bedroom
Key slot fixings provide a wall mounting option for

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