Bigger with twice as many sockets compare to the white version which I bought previously – watch the unboxing for that here –

When they say ‘power tower’ they’re not wrong! A stealthy Darth Vader vibe going on with this. I’ve had it for over a year now with no issues, have a few things plugged in and more recently, have a LG 55” OLED TV plugged in along with a PS4, Xbox One S and a sub woofer – all good.

I would highly recommend this and the surge light is still on so it / I must be doing something right!

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12 x Surge protected 13A sockets with three channel protection and safety thermal cut-out
Two USB charger outputs ideal for use with, iPhone, iPad, iPod, MP3’s, Mobile phones, PDA’s and Digital Cameras
Includes telecom protection to further protect your equipment from damaging surge or spikes via broadband, ISDN or modem connections
Power and surge LED indicators
£10,000 Connected Equipment Warranty for peace of mind

Have you watched the unboxing for the smaller white version with x6 plugs? Check it out below: