You may be put off using rechargeable batteries because they tend to loose their potency over time and can also discharge themselves too quickly if left on the shelf. I have been using eneloop batteries since around 2007 and I still have most of them kicking around and yes, they all still work! I haven’t bought disposable batteries in that time, only using the odd pair of batteries included with a device like an Xbox One S or new TV Remote.

The white eneloop versions are intended for low-power use such as remote controls. The eneloop Pro brand has a higher mAh reading (Milli Amps an Hour I think) which means they will last longer in high powered devices like a motorised device such as a drone or remote controlled car.

The standard white batteries are billed as being able to take 1000 charges before loosing enough charge to become useless. With the pro moniker, they can be charged 500 times before becoming useless.

I would say even at 500 charges these will last 10+ years for my occasional use so just imagine the money you will save, oh and the environment will give you a big ol pat on the back.

I also bought the AA Pro batteries, only a 4 pack because I can generally make do with the white ones, that are now 10+ years old! An example; I use the whites in a wireless microphone sender and receiver – they always show 2 out of 3 bars for battery life whereas the Pro versions show all 3 bars for several hours / days so they definitely make a big difference. If you have easy access and don’t mind carrying spares, the standard batteries are very suitable for most circumstances, or just say to hell with it and go for POWER* (*read in a Jeremy Clarkson manner!).

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