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Bit of an impulse buy this one! Firstly, it came up as an amazon warehouse deal on erm, Amazon UK – £260 I believe it was (about £80-£90 cheaper than paying on the store front). The box itself had some damage – looked like it been sent to a few places and either no one opened it or it was re-packaged after someone returned it as faulty or something. Once opened and unpacked and used, it seems brand new! No idea on warranty but it’s a fairly simple small device that doesn’t feel like something would go wrong down the line.

Have been using it for about 3 months now and it’s great for a first timer drummer like me. The only reason I bought it was to probe my insatiable habit of tapping with my fingers and using TV remotes / pens as drum sticks – it annoys everyone around me. I remember in 2006 whilst living in London and studying that a guy in my class was a drummer – he’d always used to tap on his legs during class. Perhaps a indication of whether you can drum is whether you ‘tap’ all the time or even fidget.

Learning to play the drums is difficult and i’ve been using the kit less and less so its possible I may need to pay for professional drumming lessons or persevere with some apps or books.

Overall, a good buy for anyone looking for a new hobby or to learn an instrument. The only negative is the volume of the headphone out is quite low – I have it set to the max (20 out of 20). I have recently bought some cheap noise cancelling headphones from Panasonic which increases the sound abit.

Also, most people in the house I live in have asked what that tapping noise is, being aged 35 it’s a little embarrassing owning up to buying a drum kit for yourself! Perhaps i’ll be the next Roger Taylor.

Panasonic Around Ear Headphones with Noise Isolation – super cheap and cheerful



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