Nintendo certainly hasn’t followed the Apple school of making unboxing their hugely successful portable games console sexy. Chucked and rammed into this yellow and red cardboard box is a Nintendo 3DS Xl with New Super Mario Brothers 2 built in. It’s wedged in along with a slice of cardboard and lots of printed manuals and codes for a couple points for club nintendo – nothing to get terribly excited about.

Of course the included Super Mario Bros game is superb – absolute standard, a amazing Nintendo game that is so much fun to play.

Having owned a slightly lazy eye since um, ever, i’ve always found 3D to bit a bit of a let down, I once saw a 3D film at the cinema in 2010 and the trailer before the film a football spun toward the screen – that was the only time i’ve ever felt the 3D effect. Needless to say I turned the 3D effect off on the 3DS – overall the screen is ok, not the best and i’ve also heard some 3DS screens out there use a IPS screen which improves on colour reproduction – similar to a iPhone screen.

Oh and for some crazy reason, Nintendo does not include a AC Charger with this – I assumed my old 2DSi / Lite charger would work but it doesn’t so make sure you add this to your basket when you order.

If you are on the look out for a 3DS – you might want to consider the New 2DS XL which doesnt feature 3D, so if like me you’re not bothered about 3D or it doesnt work for you, I would opt for the 2DS XL, released July 2017.

You might want to get the 2DS XL 2017 which is basically a new 3DS in a cool grey and blue look:

Doesn’t it look hot? Which do you prefer – orange / white or blue / grey

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Would you prefer having Nintendo’s entire back catalogue upto N64-ish era (certainly NES & SNES is covered), then you may want to buy a android device like the GPD which allows you to run emulators – any by Robert Broglia run perfectly!