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The control pad

The control pad I really like – I prefer this to the Xbox One S White controller which I find a little uncomfortable around the shoulder buttons and the buttons are quite loud and cheap feeling. The Nvidia remote looks really cool with its Kryton head style polygons which almost shimmer in the light. It looks like it should be uncomfortable but it’s really not. The battery life for the controller lasts quite some time – a good 2-3 weeks which is what I used to get with the DualShock 3 for the Playstation 3 console.


I have bought this to do what my Amazon Fire TV Gen 2 box did with Kodi and add some gaming prowess to it in the form of emulation. I wont discuss the ins and outs of all this dodgy shenanigans but basically, everything from Pong on the Atari 1970s old machines to the PS1 run perfect. Just google retrox. Also, anything by Robert Bruglia (ie md.emu and snes9xex) is worth getting as you can fast forward and resize the window because for me, retro games are best played on a smaller screen – ie 28-32inches, not 40-60 inches blowing up every pixel to hideous proportions.


The shield comes with about 11GB of usable storage which is fine for Kodi, SPMC and maybe 1-2 games from the Nvidia playstore. You can add your own internal storage using a USB Flash Drive – a USB 3 Spinning disc simply isnt quick enough – yep ive tried and it was terrible. I tried it using a brand new WD 4TB My Passport which I now use as external storage. I could be wrong on this, as I found this drive a bit slower than normal when using on my Mac.

Internal – flash only with super fast speeds. You can simply wait to fill the 11GB of internal storage then transfer this to a new USB Flash drive, so there really is no need to buy more internal storage as soon as you get the device. I personally have my eye on the 256GB Cruzer if I ever decide to upgrade. Not 100% sure this will be quick enough but Amazon’s returns are second to none.

Bluetooth Keyboard – rarely use this but works very well:

AAA Batteries for the Keyboard:

External Harddrives that works with the Shield TV:


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