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About 6 months ago I got a 1 month free trial for Amazon Prime. Yesterday, having got a £59 for 12 months deal for Amazon Prime, I started watching Bosch on Amazon Prime. This special offer is available just before Prime Day.

I was surprised to see sync issues – a 3-5 frame delay in audio to lips. So, after following Amazon’s guidelines here for correcting android issues, I was delighted to see the problem had been fixed… for about 5-10minutes after which the sync issues continued.

I’m pretty sure I had the same issue during my free trial and so, used the Amazon Video app on my 2013 Samsung Smart TV. A slower more cumbersome experience but it still worked. Sadly I forgot about the Samsung app – I only use my Shield TV for streaming as its so much quicker than waiting for your TV apps to kick in.

Sadly, all i could think about was the fact that i could be facing 12 months with a out of sync mess. I decided to see if i could cancel my Prime subscription and get a refund. I managed to get a partial refund of £54 out of the £59. Not bad, but i’d actually attempted to watch about 30minutes of video, so £5 was quite alot. In the end I actually received the full £59 back having contacted their customer support.

Amazon Customer Support – Nvidia Shield TV is not supported!

Taking a look at the Nvidia Shield TV Promo web page and Amazon Product page – you’d be forgiven for thinking that Amazon Video is an officially supported app. Its a ‘system app’ meaning its only updated via a official Nvidia update – not through the Google Play Store. If the Amazon Video app was on the Google Play Store then Amazon would have to pay a 30% commision on all revenue garnished from this platform. So understandably Amazon must have struck up a deal with Nvidia to offer their Amazon Video app – why else would it be there?

So, after emailing Amazon, asking for them to revert my cancellation (“oh yeah, I can use my Smart TV App for 21st Century ‘in-sync’ video streaming”) and explain the issue of out of sync video, I was told they cant do that, but to give them the following information:

* App Version
* Device Serial Number
* Firmware/Software Number
* Network Type(3g/4g/wifi)
* Snap shot of error message received(if any)

So like a good tech citizen helping out others (if enough people complain, they may pull their fingers out and fix it), i sent them the info above. To my absolute shock, they replied telling me that the Amazon Video app on Nvidia Shield is not officially supported! W T and F come to mind at this point, below is the full excerpt from their support email:

EMAIL ONE – from Amazon

“After reviewing our previous correspondence with you, please accept my apologies for any misunderstanding caused.

Please allow me to try to provide a resolution for you.

I understand that you’re unable to access the Amazon Videos on your nVIDIA Android TV.

I’ve checked our list of compatible devices and see that Amazon Video isn’t currently available on nVIDIA Android TV.

We are working to expand our Amazon Video service to a broader selection of devices in the future.

When Amazon Video is made available on a new device, it appears on our Compatible Devices page:

It seems that due to some technical glitch you’ve been able to access the Amazon Videos. The issue you have faced on your nVIDIA Android TV is due to the incompatibility.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

Further to your email, I understand that you have been refunded only £54.28 for cancelling the Prime.

In this case, I’ve now refunded the remaining balance £4.72 for the membership fee.

Please allow your bank 5 to 7 business days to process the refund.

EMAIL TWO – from me.

I see, ‘amazon video’ is pre installed on shield Tv and listed on their website

It’s a ‘system app’ meaning it’s not available on the google play store, it’s only updated via a shield update. 

Here it is listed under ‘system apps’ on the nvidia shield Tv:

EMAIL THREE – from Amazon

Thanks for your reply with the screen shot.

I can understand that, you see the Amazon video app is pre-installed on shield TV and listed on their website.

I’m sorry for any inconvenience caused in this regard.

Please be informed that, as previously mentioned Amazon Video isn’t currently available on nVIDIA Android TV from our website.

If you have said, you can see the Amazon video app is pre-installed on shield TV and also Amazon video is listed on their website.

It seems that, due to an error the Amazon video is listed on shield TV website.

In this case, I kindly request you to contact shield TV website to clear why they have mentioned, Amazon video is available on their website.

Rest assured that, I have now forwarded your message to Amazon video team and informed them to make this device in compatible for Amazon videos as soon as possible.

We are working to expand our Amazon Video service to a broader selection of devices in the future.

We look forward to seeing you again soon.

We’d appreciate your feedback. Please use the links below to tell us about your experience today.


So either Nvdia have sneaked Amazon Video onto their Shield TV or, Amazon cant be arsed to fix the app on Shield TV, or, I have a dodgy Shield TV and the sync issue isn’t very wide spread. If you google ‘Shield TV Amazon Video out of sync’ you do get quite a few other people with an issue.

All other video apps on the Shield TV like Netflix, BBC iPlayer and YouTube are all fine – its only Amazon Video thats out of sync.

Perhaps there’s a version of Amazon video that can be sideloaded onto the Shield TV – probably without the ability to purchase anything (like Amazon Video on iOS devices like Apple TV, iPhone and iPad).

Certainly if another offer for prime comes up at £59 I will buy it – i’m sure I will remember to just use my Smart TV app having now written this article and commited the whole debacle to memory.

I will fire off an email to Nvdia but their support is pretty bad in comparison to Amazon so a likely pointless exercise.

Does your Amazon Video on Shield TV run out of sync? Have you had the same response as me? Leave a comment below.