The Association behind Blu-ray have announced on May 14th that Ultra HD (UHD) Bluray is coming for a Q4 release in 2015. Potentially, hardware to play the new format will be available for Christmas 2015. Hoorah!

Wait? Not 4K? Well no not really, the difference between 4K and UHD is very small.

UHD = 3840 x 2160

4K = 4096 x 2160

So as you can see there is a tiny difference in dimensions with UHD offering a true, traditional 16×9 image. We are not sure yet whether the format will support true 4K. It certainly has the potential to support upto 60 frames per second for a more real-life viewing experience (more frames per second equates to the more life like the motion in a image will be).

Will there be a new PS4 and Xbox One once 4k Blu-ray is out?

Presently, no one knows! As there is a good 5+ years left of the current 8th gen cycle of gaming consoles, it certainly would make sense to release a modified console, especially from Sony who of course trumpeted the PS3’s Blu-ray playing capabilities on it’s release in 2006.

I personally think their will be a PS4 Slim in Q4 2015 or no later than Q2 in 2016. All of Sony’s consoles have seen a ‘Slim’ version released, however, the PS4 is already the rough size of the PS3 Slim released in 2009. The Xbox One however is huge and is the size of a 1980s VCR.

Is this the New PS4 Slim with Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray Support?

Xbox One Slim – will it feature Blu-ray Ultra HD 4K ?












It’s certain that announcements related to the first films released on Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray will happen later this year. It is a exciting time to be a film buff.

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