With Intel naturally discontinuing Xeon processors that will fit the Mac Pro 2010-2012 (cheese grater towers of heavy pain). I decided it was a good time to upgrade my Mac Pro to extend it’s usefulness. Don’t get me wrong, it was fine before upgrading, but what the heck! What could possible go wrong? Apart from a bent thingy (technical term) and taking two attempts to get the correct amount of artic silver heat goo on the cpu face.

Yup took me two attempts – DO NOT just put a dollop on and wack the heatsink back on – DO put a dollop on BUT cut one tip of a Q Tip / Cotton Bud then smooth over said dollop to create a smooth layer of heat conductivness.

My first attempt resulted in a CPU heat of 90+ degrees – it should be circa 30-40!!! Woops.

Stuff you’ll need and mentioned in this video (note – i’m just some guy of the internet – I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY if you break your Mac Pro – if in doubt, seek expert advice or take it to a computer repair shop – i’m sure even a PC guy could do it for you).

1. CPU:

Intel Xeon W3530 (removed) Intel Xeon X5690 (New – this will also fit a dual tray Mac Pro so potentially I could upgrade to a 12 core – if I can find a dual tray AND another X5690). This was picked up on fleabay and is working fine 6 months after I filmed this video (filmed in July 2015 – uploaded Jan 2016).

Please note – the W in W3690 denotes that this cpu is for a single cpu tray only – if you are upgrading a dual tray, only use CPUs with X before the number. A dual-tray compatible Xxxxx cpu will work in a single tray, a cpu intended for a single tray WILL NOT work in a dual tray cpu tray. Pretty sure thats correct, let me know if ive got that wrong.

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2. Antistatic wrist strap:

3. Hex screw – I think 4 inches might work but try and get something that’s 5+ inches. This is 6 inches:

4. (optional) Zeiss Lens Wipes:

List Price: £8.90
Current Price: £6.75
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5. Latex Gloves:

List Price: £1.65
Current Price: £2.17
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5. Artic Silver Kit

6. Lint free cloth – click here

7. Q Tips / Cotton Buds:

List Price: £3.75
Current Price: £4.11
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8. DataVac Duster:

Mac Pro Engineers Manual – http://tim.id.au/laptops/apple/macpro/macpro_mid2010.pdf

Mac Rumors forum post – http://forums.macrumors.com/threads/hex-3-2-update-from-2010-quad-2-8-photos-new-cpu-to-use.1122551/

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