Krispy Kreme UK Today announced via a rather clever ‘leaked’ email that they will be selling NUTELLA based products from Friday 27th May – we assume 2016.

The email purports to be strictly for store managers with the title ‘CONFIDENTIAL INTERNAL MEMO’ adjoined to the email body, accompanied by the KrispyKreme Logo.

As soon as I got it I knew a huge mistake had been made, or perhaps not?

Staff Briefing

Information on strategising the launch is within this section with information on the fact that large amounts of NUTELLA would be dropped in the ‘middle of the night to ensure the new doughnut variety is kept completely secret until launch.’

I seriously doubt a product launch is done on the ‘night before’ and the term ‘is kept completely secret until launch’ adds to the secretiveness of the email – if you create a ‘OMG ive got super insider knowledge’ it makes people tell everyone ‘hey, do you wanna know a secret’. The JFK and 9/11 conspiracy theorists will love this, on a much lower, more sugary level.

Preparation for Extreme Fans

This section is where the pay-off occurs and most sane people will start to question the legitimacy of the email.

‘Fainting’ yep, i’ve never fainted after eating a doughnut.

‘Dribbling’ yep, i’ve managed to withhold my salvia whilst eating a doughnut.

Over-Excitement – Guilty as charged, well, a bit of excitement. But much like a all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet, theres always a remorseful gut churning post-eating something i shouldn’t feeling. So for me it’s excitement followed by regret!

42 minutes later, another email appeared fro Judith ‘Krispy Kreme would like to recall this message – 05.05.2016’

I’d imagine it’s all just a big-ol marketing ploy to create excitement for a new product launch. Great idea as there Facebook page has been un-undated with customers asking why the received it, give me doughnuts and I wont reveal the source and general confusion / pats on the backs to the marketing team.

Well I for one will not be having a NUTELLA based doughnut – prefer the Strawberry creamy one.

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